Since ancient times, mankind has harnessed the mood enhancing and healing properties of flowers.

We at Bryant & Bloom like to use plants with botanical properties to enhance our Wellbeing Bouquets – so that they don't only look lovely, but make you feel good too.



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*Please note that due to the seasonal nature of fresh flowers, the ingredients of the wellbeing bouquets will vary according to the time of year.

We offer five different Wellbeing Bouquets, appropriate to our changing moods and needs. These are highly seasonal, relying on fresh botanicals and traditional British flowers. 

Each bouquet will arrive with a note explaining the Wellbeing ingredients included.

They are available for nationwide delivery across the UK mainland.

Please order 48hrs in advance of requirement.

*(Please note, the ingredients are not for ingestion)

For your every Wellbeing need...


For difficult times, or for when you're feeling overwhelmed – this bouquet will quieten the soul.


In need of a boost? This bouquet will ignite your senses – visually and through scent.


Flowers are always a tonic when you're ill or exhausted. Our thoughtful bouquet will help you feel better.


Busy time ahead? Enjoy a zingy arrangement to help galvanise you.


This bouquet contains some ingredients known to aid memory and recall, as well as symbolising mental power.

Calm & Soothe

Lift Your Spirits

Rest & Recuperate

Boost Your Energy

Concentration & Memory






We're collaborating with Our Lovely Goods

Our Wellbeing Bouquets impart a wonderful fragrance and sense of wellbeing in the home, with our new and exclusive Wellbeing Range, both the fragrance and botanical benefits can be extended long after the fresh flowers have finished!

Bryant & Bloom are delighted to offer a range of Wellbeing Boxes which feature a choice of Wellbeing Bouquet and gorgeous botanical skincare or home fragrance products.

Our Lovely Goods is a family business based in Scotland which thoughtfully produces beautiful products for the modern home. Each product is designed with consideration of how they impact our everyday life and environment, and they are natural, vegan and cruelty free. 


We will be stocking a range of candles, body butter, hand cream, face oil, body and bath oil for each wellbeing need to complement our bouquets.  

The Wellbeing Range

Our Wellbeing Bouquet is available in two sizes – Classic and Luxury.

Classic: £45 | Luxe: £60

Our Wellbeing Bouquet is beautifully gift wrapped and delivered with an explanatory note itemising the wellbeing ingredients included and their properties. 

The Wellbeing Bouquet



The Wellbeing Classic Box

The Wellbeing Classic Box features a medium Wellbeing Bouquet and choice of either a 180ml candle or a botanical skincare product of your choice. The fragrance of the candle or skincare  will complement the bouquet selected. 

Our Wellbeing Classic Box  is beautifully gift wrapped and delivered with an explanatory note describing the wellbeing ingredients included.

Classic: £60


The Wellbeing Luxe Box

The Wellbeing Luxe Box includes a large Wellbeing Bouquet and choice of two botanical products (you can choose two 180ml candles or two beauty products or one of each!).The products' ingredients will complement the bouquet selected.

Our Wellbeing Luxe Box is beautifully gift wrapped and delivered with an explanatory note itemising the wellbeing ingredients included.

Luxe: £75


The Wellbeing Hygge Box is a capsule collection with a hand tied sheaf of fresh herbs and botanicals to tie in your bath or over the shower head to fragrance your bathing experience in a totally natural way. The box includes a candle and a  botanical body butter to complete the bathing ritual  -  you can choose from a Calm or a Nourishing Experience.

Our Wellbeing Bouquet is beautifully gift wrapped and delivered with an explanatory note itemising the wellbeing ingredients included and their properties.

Hygge: £40

The Wellbeing Hygge Box