Each month at Bryant & Bloom, we offer a choice of two bouquets – reflecting nature's changing seasons and human events or milestones


These bouquets are limited, and only available for that month.

Bouquets of the Month are also available in 3, 6 and 12 month subscription packages for £100, £200 and £400 respectively. They can be delivered anywhere across the UK mainland.

The lucky recipient enjoys a monthly bouquet of beautiful seasonal flowers delivered  to their door! 


The month of...


"On the birthday of the world

I begin to contemplate

what I have done and left

undone, but this year...

But here 

stand before the gates

opening, the fire dazzling..."


Marge Piercy 


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The month of January is named after the Roman god, Janus; he of two faces - one facing forwards and one backwards. The beginning of the year often asks us to take stock of the year that has just passed, but also of the new opportunities that the fresh year brings. Our bouquet features fresh spring blooms and includes scented narcissus which symbolises new beginnings.


In the Pink

January is often the month when we focus on our health and wellbeing. Our second January bouquet is named in celebration of feeling revitalised and positive, and features beautiful spring flowers such as ranunculus, anemones, tulips and blossom in shades of pink along with scented rosemary and eucalyptus. One of these bouquets should evoke plenty of happiness!