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It's a scientific fact – flowers are good for you!

Here at Bryant & Bloom, we passionately believe in the wellbeing properties of flowers and plants - made evident by our signature Wellbeing Bouquets.

Whilst many flowers and botanicals have some well known properties or benefits e.g. Lavender for relaxation, it seems that according to new research, having ANY fresh flowers or plants around you is beneficial to your health. A recent study undertaken by The American Society for Horticulture Science evaluated whether plants can actually help surgical patients their post procedural recovery.

The results of the study showed that the patients exposed to flowers as part of their recovery had:

Lower blood pressure

Lower heart rate

Lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue

More positive feelings than those without exposure to any flowers.

This study adds to the argument that flowers and botanicals should be added to "complementary medicine" for all patients recovering from illness. so besides giving pleasure, aromatherapy benefits and enhancing relationships between people, it seems flowers are really good for us physically too. This is important to remember when we sometimes think flowers are an extravagance, they in fact should be seen as in investment in our health and wellbeing!

Spreading the floral love,

Bryant & Bloom

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